Installation Service for Rev. Elizabeth Lerner Maclay

With joyous music and words of solemn promise, we – the congregation of the First Unitarian Church of Providence – will install the Reverend Elizabeth Lerner Maclay as our eighteenth settled minister. The installation service reaffirms and formalizes the bond between minister and congregation that was implicit in the congregation’s vote to call and the … Continued

What Are We Doing Here?

As First Unitarian launches a new ministry, a new chapter, maybe this is a good moment to look and ask what this whole venture is about. And so good to have a prophet from another town weigh in. And good to recommit to the crazy, daring beauty of it all: of church. Vanessa Rush Southern … Continued

All Souls

This age-old holiday echoes deep for all of us. We honor that essence that makes every person precious and irreplaceable, and we honor those precious and irreplaceable souls we have lost and that we carry in our hearts and minds. Come with your memories to this service of commemoration and care. Young people begin in their … Continued